About the Artist

William Major hails from the mountains of east Tennessee. Major attended the small liberal arts school, Milligan College, and graduated in 2015 with a bachelor of arts in photography and humanities. Major has shown his work across the southeast as well as exhibiting in New York City and London, UK. He has been featured in Ain't Bad Magazine, Southern Glossary, is part of the collection Looking at Appalachia, and is in the Archive of Documentary Arts at Duke University. Major is primarily a documentary photographer that explores the idiosyncrasies of southern culture and fringe groups. Major also experiments with the mediums of video and sound.

He currently lives in Athens, GA attending the University of Georgia seeking a Master of Fine Arts degree in photography.


Major currently explores varying performances and unique talents through portraiture and video. As a graduate student, he has worked with wrestlers, contortionists, circus performers, singers, dancers, and a host of other performers. He explores the motivation behind these performances - where validation, recognition, and exposure are generally key. Spectacle is an important part to this research, as well as subverting its coded language.

Major has also delved into Christian iconography in Appalachia and the greater southeast, family history, storytelling, and bringing his love for music into his artistic craft.


You can contact him at williamrmajorphotographs@gmail.com